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Love each other when flowers bloom

Love each other when flowers bloom

Love each other when flowers bloom

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    Love each other when flowers bloom
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    Yao Meng has no dream
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    The One Book
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2022-06-29 18:43:51
I, Lin Xi, came from another high martial world. When I was misunderstood that I was chased by the same sect elders and stabbed in the heart by my beloved man's long sword, my soul came to a place called Wushen continent, where not only human beings but also spirit animals lived< Br> there are different levels of my original world< Br>level 1~9 holy land 10~19 holy land 20~29 holy land 30~39 holy land 40~49 holy land 50~59 holy land 60~69 holy land 70~79 holy land 80~89 holy land 90~94 holy land 95~98 holy land 99 holy land (after level 10 each time, you need to kill a spirit beast to obtain a Spirit Crystal before you can advance to the next level) this land of martial gods there is a profession called spiritual master, Not everyone can become a spiritual master. It takes a special ceremony to activate spiritual power. Not everyone can have spiritual power, but you can get the best treatment on this continent when you wake up!