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Heavy haze returns to the moon

Heavy haze returns to the moon

Heavy haze returns to the moon

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    Heavy haze returns to the moon
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[1v1], [Chinese culture], [great righteousness and salvation], [Yin Yang and five elements] Li Lan in the 21st century read a novel, and before she could roast, she ushered in the old-fashioned journey< Br> thousands of miles away, Yue Ying, a young atheist scientist, blew herself up half dead and failed to send her to the hospital for rescue< Br> the civil and martial arts of Xuanyun continent connect with the five elements, and Taiji connects Yin and Yang< Br> benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, swords, spears, sticks and sticks are the beginning of Tao< Br> the five elements are vital, and Yin, Yang, heaven and earth are pregnant with all things< Br> the silly girl in the firewood room became a genius in the water Moon Palace. It is said that the hall leader of Yingli hall suddenly couldn't even carry a knife< Br> why not use alchemy, talismans and swordsmen< Br> Li Lan, who is devoted to the Tao, has no intention of competing for the position of the palace leader, but... poison occupies the magpie's nest, but he also plans to kill people. He claims to be a righteous man, but he does all kinds of evil. Let's see if the sword in my hand is allowed< Br> as for the stupid hall leader, since they are all dressed, let's make do with it< Br> -- small theater: Li Lan: shouldn't Beiyin emperor take charge of the mess left by several generations< Br> Li Lan:... Are you atheistic after you have become an immortal< Br> Yueying: ideals never die, beliefs never die, and love never die< Br> Li Lan: come on, my husband is possessed< Br> Yueying: don't fight, wife. Is it possible... I am the great emperor of Beiyin?