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The villain came out of the book

The villain came out of the book

The villain came out of the book

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    The villain came out of the book
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    Yi Yi
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    The One Book
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2022-06-29 03:08:08
As a translucent net writer, the female master Ji Yue is best at writing sick Jiao based on the principle of fantasy and freedom, Ji Yue is always wanton in her articles. But she never thought that one day a very terrible character (male master) she wrote would appear in the real world, forcing her to change the plot Hostess: I'll change it. Can't I change it? Put down the knife first... Delete the tragic childhood first, and then change it to urge life... hand in the first edition. Male Hostess: can I say such words (lines)? Give you time to reconsider hand in the second edition, male owner: I don't need white moonlight to save, delete hand in the third edition, male leader: who asked you to reduce my force value? (clenched with fists) ... after the nth edition, the female owner (flopping on her knees and hugging her thighs): what do you want, boss?