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Unfinished regret words

Unfinished regret words

Unfinished regret words

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    Unfinished regret words
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    Author xtb0ez
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    Happy Novel
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2023-02-03 01:10:26
Master Lin has two sons. He has a large family, the eldest son Zhirong and the second son Zhixing. Zhixing became a door-to-door son-in-law; Zhirong eats, drinks and plays all day Master Lin was worried about his frustrated son Zhirong and finally decided to let Zhirong travel to Shanghai with his wife and son. Soon, Zhirong's wife eloped with others. A few years later, he was desperate and had to help others as servants. Who knows the owner is his son Lin Dahai's family Lin Dahai is handsome and smart. During the apprenticeship, Yuanyuan, a young lady of the family, and the two teenagers were in love with each other. The sea proposed to Yuanyuan. So they married. Yuanyuan is virtuous and considerate by nature at a dance party, Dahai met Xiao Jiali, who was spoiled since childhood, resulting in her wild, spicy and sharp character since childhood. When she saw the sea, she was attracted by the handsome face of the sea and was determined to marry him. Dahai has a wife, and Dahai's wife Yuanyuan is pregnant and loves him very much. Jiali refused to be a little girl and forced the sea to divorce Yuanyuan. Helpless, the sea divorced Yuanyuan. Finally, Yuanyuan threw herself into the Huangpu River with incomparable grievances with the recommendation of Lu Dafu, Lin Dahai finally worshipped Huang Jinrong and became Huang Jinrong's last disciple after the liberation of the whole country, Dahai was sentenced to prison for going out of the underground party, selling concealed guns and other reasons. After his release, Lin Dahai returned to his hometown alone after decades, an old woman from Hong Kong suddenly came to visit Lin Dahai. This old woman was Yuanyuan who had invested in the Huangpu River. When the two old people met, Yuanyuan said endless love and hate, and the sea said endless regret.

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