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Nine families talk about the bright moon

Nine families talk about the bright moon

Nine families talk about the bright moon

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    Nine families talk about the bright moon
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    Yi Shu
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2022-06-30 19:19:53
"In this troubled world, we snuggle up to each other at this moment and leave at the next moment. Maybe we will be enemies after we meet again. Then, with the power of angel falling, we swear never to forget each other, even if we are killing each other at that moment." that sentence has finally come true. Years urge them to grow up, I can't help taking them "gentlemen, I dare to intrude into your life. Please forgive me for your trouble! As soon as I leave this time, I will never meet again in the future. Will you remember me?" "your eyes are mine. You were willing to give them at the beginning, but now you want to take them back." "I've been looking for her for a long time. I haven't given up for a moment. But when she stood in front of me, I didn't know who she was. I killed her." "my brother is my brother, I am me. What my brother wants is his decision, and what I want is my business!" "today, the Lord of the ancient oriental Kingdom, came to marry the princess of Beiming new town!" Step by step, it's like Heluo stone carvings have written their fate, and where will they go. "hehe, it's really touching that such a small man has been trying to save me for thousands of years!" "the next road, let's go together." "husband!"