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The host is a little sweetener

The host is a little sweetener

The host is a little sweetener

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    The host is a little sweetener
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    Night Xiaofei acridine
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    Garden Novel
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2022-01-19 08:23:49
[1v1] [Shuangjie] ruobai, a cute girl, was sent by her guardian to the local authority for training. As a result, she met a strange soul body so the daily task gradually turned sweet... the man took a spatula and looked into the kitchen with a cheated marriage certificate in his pocket. He smiled gently, "white, what do you want to eat tonight?" the cool fairy in the fairy Xia world turned over with a little fairy, threw the six world treasures at random, and lost his temper, "what do you do with it? Hold me." The prince of the ancient saying world rubbed the little girl's neck and whispered softly. He looked at the angry emperor and said, "I don't want this world, I want you." Tongzi era, [???] who am I and where am I so who's on the offensive?