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Exclusive to my brain wave boyfriend

Exclusive to my brain wave boyfriend

Exclusive to my brain wave boyfriend

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    Exclusive to my brain wave boyfriend
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    Vernacular Cen
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    Apple novel
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2023-05-18 02:31:51
Hey, I am the author of vernacular, welcome to Luo Yao's world, from the Chinese mainland in 2136, the world has evolved into a technology supremacy after hundreds of years of development and change. No one in the world believes in fairy tales, magic, crossing and vague love, yes. Today's humans are artificial embryos that are matched by the scientific and technological system and selected the best option for unified pairing and breeding, which are distributed by the government. Few humans are willing to marry and have children, and their IQ, EQ and even physique are much higher than those born naturally, Even today's enterprises are basically only willing to recruit human beings with artificial embryo development. Luo Yao is the only human being born of love in this world, that is, the so-called complete natural breeder. When she was a child, she was different from everyone around her and was often looked down upon. However, Luo Yao's heart was not strongly hurt because she had a brain wave boyfriend. He has always played various roles in her confused life, Only Luo Yao could feel all this until that day

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