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Life and death Book Dream stealing notes

Life and death Book Dream stealing notes

Life and death Book Dream stealing notes

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    Life and death Book Dream stealing notes
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    Walk alone in time
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    Clean book
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2022-01-21 07:14:18
Liu Qingcheng is a super writer Jiang Yingrong is also a novel lover Oh, the sound is so long again, she is not as famous as Qingcheng. She is his book fan. She can understand him a little this time. She has seen all his works he gradually admires this talented man...., A little silly I don't know when she began to search for his traces on the Internet. In fact, she didn't like to surf the Internet because she liked to soak in the Internet. Until one day she found his address in surprise, she would feel like a peeper and feel guilty after all, what is this she has a rich family. Her parents dote on her and don't need her to supplement her family. She is still allowed to "follow the stars" and have her own preferences although she spends a lot of money when dealing with others, she will never allow others to treat her as a fool she is gentle and restrained, slim and thinks she looks good until later, when she felt that she had different feelings for him, the person she faced was really a suckling boy Liu Qingcheng died suddenly. He boarded the train to heaven, but was taken to the world by a strange woman she recalled seeing his handsome face on the Internet. She specially meowed his height, education and single information in his author profile. She also felt that she paid too much attention to him.